No news but plenty of bugs

Mikkel Hjortshøj  — 3 weeks, 3 days ago
No new version this month, I have however realized that there are a couple of bugs;
  • Days with timings isn't being computed correctly.
  • Days between first and last timing isn't being computed correctly.
  • The bar graphs aren't being drawn correctly at the moment.
These problems need to be fixed but all that together with trying to introduce new features have left me wondering if I should do a rewrite of the code. This is after all a translation of ctime and therefore not my own code really and I keep bumping into things I don't really ...
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New Release: v0.6

Mikkel Hjortshøj  — 2 months, 1 week ago
Hey everybody!

I've released a new version of otime here: or you can download it on HMN project page.

This update is just an update to the latest compiler release as of this time, and to use the new and improved fmt.odin from the standard libary. No more crazy long decimal numbers.

I've tried to work on markers but my efforts just resulted in completely broken program. So I'll have to try another approach.
This version shouldn't break with your current .otms but I'll ...
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