There is going to be a little silence about things here for a while. I'm deep in my school specialization project which eats a fair bit of time plus I've come to some realizations about Otime.

The original codebase is a more or less direct port of ctime by Casey Muratori (with his permission). However this also means it's never really been my code and I don't understand it as well as I thought. With this in mind I've decided that for my own learning and sanity, I'm going to do a complete rewrite of Otime sometime in the future.

Now this rewrite isn't going to happen for a while, my specialization project doesn't end until June and by then production starts on a game at a company that I have co-founded with some of my classmates as part of our internship. This will eat even more time so the rewrite will come as I get time between writing that game most likely.

So that's it really, Otime isn't dead but a update is going to be a while. I will continue to update monthly, perhaps use the time to talk about some of the stuff I have considered for additional features, how they're going to work and what benefit will you really get from them.

-- Mikkel Hjortshoej <ThisDrunkDane>