Late late, Otime ideas

Mikkel Hjortshøj
3 years, 10 months ago
Oh wow... 2 months and 3 weeks since my last blog post...

So back in the last blog post I said I was going to do monthly (ups) blog posts about my ideas and the like for Otime. So shall we?

The one I wanna talk about today is, Otime as a library.
So currently Otime is just a time tracking application which saves it to a file format. Now that has shown it to be useful to track build times for a number of applications, mainly through the father application, ctime. Now you could go into what is the merits of actually tracking that stat but I don't care about that really.

You usually do this by calling the Otime executable in a build script of sorts. But what if you have a build tool you have made and you want to track internal steps in that build tool. You of course can track that yourself but you can't add it to the Otime file. Making Otime as a library (and still make a standalone executable of course.) enables you to track that information in the Otime file.

Now Otime is written in Odin and at the time of writing you can't make .lib files from .odin files. You can build a DLL so until you can make .lib files from Odin that are C-ABI compatible I would probably have to make a little C-wrapper that pulls out the functions from the DLL.

As I will explain in later blog posts my plan is to actually start tracking additional metrics, which again you could call from this library, making Otime more of a metric tracking library/application, which again you can debate whether or not the usefulness of tracking those metrics, but if you want to, you can!

Alright, see you in (hopefully this time) a month.

-- Mikkel Hjortshoej <ThisDrunkDane>
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